Hot Melt Roofing

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Hot Melt Roofing

Hot Melt Roofing Systems

A Hot Melt Roofing System is a self-healing hot liquid roofing membrane that is applied directly to a pre-prepared surface, usually made of concrete.

The system is monolithic, and the liquid is usually formed by a variation of materials such as Synthetic Rubbers, Refined Bitumen, fillers, and other products.

Once the layer has been implemented, this can act as a rain-resistant material meaning the system is a guaranteed waterproof solution with long-term durability.

Benefits of Hot Melt Roofing

There are many benefits of using hot melt such as:

  • Long-term Performance – formulated to last the lifetime of the building on which it is installed.
  • Ultra-Durable – unaffected by standing water, dilute acids or fertilisers.
  • Cost Effective – can be installed to zero falls, and at temperatures down to -18°C, without replacement during the lifetime of the building.
  • Excellent adhesion properties due to its high temperature during cure
  • Good resistance against UV degradation
  • Long service life and very little maintenance required.

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