Green And Bio Diverse Roofs

Phase 9 Roofing

Green and Bio Diverse Roofs

Green Roofing

Green roofs provide a number of environmental and engineering benefits, from enhanced aesthetics to reduced energy consumption.

Biodiverse green roofs have an ecological focus and are designed to provide habitat for a range of organisms. Suitable native plants with a range of microhabitats are the target.

Phase 9 Roofing offer a selection of green and bio diverse roofs suitable to both extensive and intensive applications and combine the planting scheme and its component parts with our range of waterproofing system solutions, offering total peace of mind from the deck up.

Why Bio Diverse Roofs?

Greener cities are healthier cities – and green roofs can significantly contribute to making cities and buildings more livable by:
  • Improving air quality by absorbing greenhouse gases.
  • Absorbing sunlight, reducing cooling and heating costs for your building.
  • Capturing and helping manage storm water.
  • Reconnecting humans with nature.
  • Improve energy performance by 10-30%
  • Protect roof waterproofing from climate extremes
  • Reduce water run-off by 50–90%
  • Create additional recreational space

Let us recommend the green roof system that’s best for your needs.